Mental Health Heart Work

Mental Health Heart-Work

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso

When living with mental health issues some find it helpful to create art. It’s a way to express yourself and sometimes even process feelings. Creating art can calm your brain and allow you to focus on what you are creating. There is no need to work with an art therapist to benefit from the therapeutic value of creating art. Creative expression can be a relaxing outlet and is not limited to visual art. You may want to express yourself using poetry, playing music, or movement based creative expression. Art can help lower stress and anxiety and help you feel calm. You may find it helpful to take some time every day to express yourself using art, it can be like meditation. In art, there are no right or wrong answers, yet it is helpful with problem solving as it requires both sides of your brain to be working at the same time. Art can also boost your self esteem as it increases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is know as the feel good molecule. Finding a group of like-minded individuals to create and share art with is beneficial as well. Those who engage in art for 2 hours a week report significant improvement in their mental health and over all well being. Art and health have been a human interest since the beginning of time we are just now learning of the benefits.

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This piece is painted on muslin, which adds texture and dimension.