Mondays 1- 2pm (right before Community Meeting)

At the Painted Brain Community Center

2500 Wilshire Blvd, Suite #934

Ever wanted to learn how to improve your public speaking skills?

Find that you get really nervous before giving a presentation?

Want to be more confident during an interview?

How about minimizing the amount of deaths related to suicide each year?

At our new Painted Brain workshop, the Speakers Bureau Meeting, we will train you to become better public speakers and share your story of recovery with the rest of the Mental Health Community! Based on the book, The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson, we will give you the skills and the confidence to share your story of recovery to audiences such as private high schools and colleges. If this sounds terrifying to you, don’t worry! We will help you feel more comfortable thinking on your feet and expressing yourself with improv games and writing exercises.

This workshop is not just for people who would like to participate in speaking on behlaf of Painted Brain; if you’re interested in speaking about your recovery journey with anyone, we would love to support you!

Our first meeting will be held this Monday. Come check us out!

For more info, visit the Painted Brain Website.


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