mental health

Overstated Hope for Mental Health and Schizophrenia?

The findings of this new study are hopeful for persons suffering from schizophrenia, or at least that is what this article aims for you to believe. To give background, antipsychotic medications come with a myriad of side effects, and can create issues for those who rely on them. In certain circumstances, due to side effects of medications those suffering from schizophrenia are forced to come off the meds, which assist them in functioning and due to medical complications. This new study finds that a team base treatment approach can help those suffering from first episode psychosis. However , the theme of the article appears to be more hopeful than when actually reading the study.

The study had limited success in showing that talk therapy can be useful, but with a very specific population of those with mental health issues, notably those with schizophrenia. Even within this diagnosis, only those suffering their first break have shown improvement through this method. More research is necessary to determine whether of not this study and its methods will be available to a larger portion of the mental health population. While this study has limitations, and this treatment approach won’t be readily available, it has future potential to help others.


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