Women’s Mental Health

Why we need to address the causes of mental health disparities between men and women.

Painted Brain


There are four mental health issues that affect women at much higher rates than men.  It is estimated that twice as many women will experience depression as men, an estimated 10-15% of women overall.  Factors for this include hormonal fluctuations as well as social, cultural, and environmental factors.  Most women are raised to internalize their feelings rather than express them openly like men, while still bearing the brunt of household, caregiving, and family responsibilities.  Women also earn less on average than men do, and the careful balancing of financial responsibilities combined with household tasks can easily lead to feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and guilt.

Women are also twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety disorders.  Again, the socialization of women in our culture comes into play-with men being modeled to express their emotions externally and women being taught that holding emotions internally is preferable.

Another mental health issue…

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