Fun Times with Melted Crayons

A new and exciting way to get the most of our your crayon stubs!  Women’s Day  is producing colorful works of art through recycling of what would be considered waste.  You know the broken or stubby crayons that you never use?  There is a beautiful way to put them to use and it is really easy.  All one needs is wax paper or any canvas you feel comfortable using.  A blow dryer, crayon shavings, and something to turn the crayons into shavings, such as an exact knife or a cheese grater (please use caution when using sharp items).  Once you have decided the colors you would like to use and the effect you would like to express, then you will want to create the shavings.  After you have reached the desired amount of shavings, you will place them on your canvas.  For the featured images, we took a pice of wax paper and folded it in half, placed the shaving between the wax paper, then used a blow dryer to begin heating the crayons up.  Once the desired amount of melting has taken place you will have a lovely piece to use.  As an added component, art is great way to self-soothe and cope with the daily stresses of life!  Next week we will be making candle art so stay tuned in for more fun ways to work with crayons or just come in to Painted Brain and enjoy the camaraderie amongst fellow artists!



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