Great Triumphs are 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration

Getting a nonprofit off the ground is both exciting & daunting. Our vision is to create a radically inclusive community center, a fertile ground for visionary artists, writers, & talented techies. The fundraising alone can be challenging. Add to that the fact that Painted Brain is currently without a home. We’re literally in “limbo”.

Take our staff cartoonist Larry. He’s been there with us from day ONE. We wouldn’t be the same without so many his many valuable artistic contributions. Larry’s biggest struggle is his 2 hour commute to PB, now made even more challenging by the fact that we don’t have our own space . In many ways Larry’s struggles reflect our own. If you donate $100 on, it will help ease his transportation for a month to join in our meet ups & continue to contribute his amazing art.

Jane is a talented poet, writer, & peer leader who has been running weekly poetry groups & played a key role in the creation of our soon to be released digital magazine. She also is faced with a long commute, which has placed our weekly poetry group on hold.

In dark times, what we need most is hope. Poets, dreamers, artists, & writers provide that necessary hope that science and technology alone cannot. The mental health profession & community needs hope today. Too often we see grim stats where right now we need more stories of recovery, reintegration, & resilience.

We envision a place untethered by stigma & exclusion, & instead – radically inclusive. Our center will provide “THAT” SPACE where visionary poets & techies can come together. We will revolutionize mental health by creating lasting community-based solutions to mental health challenges & the effects of social injustice through arts, advocacy, & enterprise. If you support mental health and our cause, it’s not the amount donated that matters. A $10 donation is a vote of confidence in our mission, and it gives us at Painted Brain hope. A large donation is just a bonus, and in our book, just as valuable in many ways.

We will do this – with your help. Make this happen, so we can rock the world.

Art by Larry R. titled “When in doubt, boogie”


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