Music and Mental Health: Guess Who

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The phrase “mental health” does not always need to have a negative connotation. Often a brain that functions differently can lead to beautiful and wonderful things, especially within the artistic realm. One area where this can be apparent is in the creation of music. Some of the greatest musical geniuses faced some serious mental health issues. We admire their work, continuing into even hundreds of years later, and this work inspires others to create more amazing things. One such composer even gained the admiration and respect of the likes of Mozart and Beethoven, with Mozart expanding on one of his pieces, and Beethoven hailing him as “the greatest composer that ever lived.” Born in Germany in 1685, this composer spent most of his days living in London, actually becoming a naturalized British subject in 1727. He loved writing Italian operas, but he also wrote English oratorios; his greatest…

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