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Dave Leon from Painted Brain on Facebook Live with The Mighty !

Dave Leon is the founder and director of Painted Brain, a peer-driven media and outreach campaign for young adults with mental illnesses. He’s live now sharing his experiences and answering your questions.

If you or someone you know needs support right now, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Elyn Saks Joins the Painted Brain Board

img_3160“It is as if Freud supplied us the sick half of psychology and we must now fill it out with the healthy half.”

~Abraham Maslow

Mental health survivors breaking the “sound barrier” of stigma:

Elyn Saks – USC Gould School of Law Associate Dean & Professor of Law, Psychology, Psychiatry, & the Behavioral Sciences at USC​ – is one of them, and she wrote a book “The Center Cannot Hold” about her struggles with schizophrenia, how solid social support and a diabolically open mind were crucial to surviving the mental health journey.

“There’s a tremendous need to implode the myths of mental illness, to put a face on it, to show people that a diagnosis does not have to lead to a painful and oblique life….We who struggle with these disorders can lead full, happy, productive lives if we have the right resources.”

There is a Silver Lining in Mental Illness

Painted Brain is happy and proud to have Elyn as a board member of our new chapter as an independent non-profit 🙂 .

Painted Brain Gets Pinterest-y!

On February 15, 2017, Painted Brain held a workshop at our headquarters. Led by one of our interns from Project Return Peer Support Network (PRPSN), participants were led through the process of setting up a Pinterest account, posting articles, videos, fave photos, and more. Many participants were new to Pinterest. By the end of the workshop, everyone had a Pinterest account set up, and has already created a few boards and posted a few articles videos and photos from Google Images, Flickr, and such.


The Pinterest workshop is the first in a series of social media marketing workshops to be held as an umbrella of the Painted Brain Academy project. We have in the past provided workshops in:

Peer Leader Training,

Public Speaking,


Journalistic writing,

and Social Media.

We’re working on turning it into a year-round program.


What the caterpillar calls the end of the world…



What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly is a quote from Richard Bach’s wonderful book called Illusions. There are a number of quotes from this book that I use everyday to reorder my thinking positively.  This one speaks to paradigm shifting and perspective.

It’s really brilliant.  It uses something we all understand – metamorphosis – to focus us on a different perspective of endings and beginnings.  For the caterpillar it is the end of life – for the butterfly it is the beginning of life but for that entity it is a change in how life is experienced.

The Death and Tower cards in the Tarot – a form of divination  – are often interpreted in this fashion that an ending is also a beginning.  The death card can be interpreted as an end that leads to a NEW beginning.  The tower…

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WordCraft Workshop celebrates 1yr Anniversary!

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The Enigma Within the Enigma

by Sandy Weisberg 

Is this really me and not a dream –

As my rabbi tried to explain
that this reality is the dream

and that reality with God

is not a dream, but just
the mystery engulfed within
the mystery we call life,

liberty and the pursuit of happiness –

The soft velvet touch of a baby’s cheek,

the cry of a lobster boiling

in a pot of bubbly water,

a woman’s stretching sigh.