Women’s Day Opinion Piece

By Angela Tuckerman

I find this quote deeply disturbing yet also extremely enlightening with a painful sting of truth. We see this issue across all oppressed and stigmatized people including people of color and people with disabilities. Women make up half of the population yet we continue to subject women to extreme acts of violence, daily micro aggressions and continue to expect women to embody unrealistic roles and beauty ideals. These sources of oppression lead 50 percent of the population to experience individual and community trauma. Trauma breaks us down as individuals and as a society. It affects everyone involved including the oppressors. How can we expect to live in a fruitful and virtuous society if we do not treat all people with dignity and respect? It’s hard to persecute an entire society poisoned at its core, but the evidence is all around us. What can we do about? Organizations and movements such as Planned Parenthood, He for She Foundation, and For All Women Kind is banding together to overcome women adversity. Painted Brain is joining this force by creating our Women’s Day space. We will continue to contribute to this cause in the hope of making the world a freer and harmonious place.